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Our Seed Round Investment Opportunity: 

Target raise: $1 million


Use of proceeds: Working capital for approximately two years of runway


Round structure:

    · Convertible Debt

    · Offered to accredited investors

    · Target of 4 investors, target commitment for each of $250,000

    · Commitment drawn in 8 equal quarterly installments

    · 5% interest rate on drawn funds

    · 20% discount on conversion

    · 3 year maturity

    · Anticipated series preferred round triggering conversion fall 2023 / spring 2024



PAVE Prevention is very excited to have been chosen as a Training Partner for this incredibly important pilot program. MACRO and the potential of this program align perfectly with the vision PAVE holds dear… imparting a skill set that keeps people safer and builds safer communities. PAVE feels it is uniquely positioned to prepare MACRO responders with tools to assess and de-escalate situations safely. PAVE also feels that our customized assessment tools will add information and data crucial to the success of this pilot in ways that might otherwise not be considered. PAVE has assembled a team with deep ties to the community and a wealth of knowledge.

The Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland (MACRO) Program is a community response program for non-violent, non-emergency 911 calls. The purpose of MACRO is to meet the needs of the community with a compassionate care first response model grounded in empathy, service, and community. MACRO's goal is to reduce responses by police, resulting in fewer arrests and negative interactions, and increased access to community-based services and resources for impacted individuals and families, and most especially for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).
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PAVE Prevention, INC is teaming with Nellie’s, a Toronto area women’s shelter, education, and advocacy center, to provide violence prevention training to staff.  PAVE will be utilizing local instructors with careers in Empowerment Self-Defense, martial arts, and trauma-informed practices to assist with the program, along with PAVE contributor Heather F. Turnbull, and CEO Arlene Limas OLY.

“Nellie’s is very excited about our partnership with PAVE. The global pandemic has put a spotlight on gender-based violence and highlighted the need for preventive measures. Shelter and community programs after abuse in violence is only one part of the solution to GBV. Band-aid solutions will not end violence, we need empowering approaches to give women the confidence and tools to change the story of violence and abuse.

At Nellie’s, we are excited to learn about the PAVE model which is an innovative measure that provides a trauma-informed, self-empowerment approach to violence prevention. I look forward to the day when we will not have a need for GBV shelters; I believe that the PAVE approach will get us one step closer to a world without gender-based violence. “

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