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PAVE Prevention, Inc is a social enterprise that offers guidance, education, training, and advice to companies, their employees, and the communities they operate within to proactively prevent, react, and heal from violent events.


We envision a peaceful world through proactive anti-violence education.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A world free of violence where people can live a fulfilling life being themselves. PAVE Prevention aims to create spaces where employees can bring their whole selves to work, feeling safe and where they can genuinely accomplish their endeavors without hiding who they are or feeling unequal to their peers.

PAVE seeks to empower people to perform to their full potential, while creating safer practices within their workplaces and communities. Diversity of people, ideas, and experiences make organizations richer. Being able to be inclusive with the different thoughts and backgrounds goes beyond just being able to express or share the experiences, but to feel valued for doing so. 

PAVE Prevention’s goal is to ignite change, safety and leadership within organizations, individuals, and businesses. This isn’t about the differences. It’s about being able to know that you can achieve your full potential and succeed feeling safe and secure and because our common goal is to create better and stronger human relations. 


Core Values








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