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Create a healthier non-violent work environment through measured, supportive, proactive education.


Being PAVE Compliant more broadly means that your company is operating within the expectation of PAVE Prevention’s guidelines for a healthy culture. PAVE uses various methods to assess and/or monitor culture as a whole including but not limited to individual employees, leadership, responsiveness to violent situations, and accountability for aggressors.

35% of women worldwide have experienced physical and or sexual violence according to the World Bank, 2019.  

20,790 workers in private industry experience trauma from workplace violence requiring days off from work according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018.

25% of children witnessed an act of violence in their home school or community in the past year according to the child welfare League of America, 2013. 

Imagine a workforce empowered by the skills to stop the Domino effect of violence, a force with passion, imagination, initiative, and more profound commitment. ​​

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PAVE Empowers the Individual

We envision the PAVE Prevention process facilitating cultural change at both the organizational and individual levels. By empowering and strengthening the individual, change is created within a cycle of the workplace, community, and societal cultures ultimately leading to a more robust, more empowered workforce. We can create a cascade of positive change by stopping the domino effect of violence and reversing the narrative. 

In empowering individuals to create and advocate for change, we utilize the Inner Development Goals (IDG) framework developed by the UN in 2015. By following the blueprint and meeting the goals established by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), we will create peace and prosperity through a sustainable world by 2030. 

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PAVE Training offers human safety skills and violence prevention training at the individual level, empowering the individual to confidently believe that they can achieve their full potential and succeed feeling safe and secure.  

The empowered individual, now with a healthier understanding, together with other PAVE-trained individuals, create safer, more productive, and holistically healthier workplaces.  

The greater culture change from PAVE-trained individuals will carry over through their interactions with family, friends, and community, ultimately creating a healthier community environment and empowering others.  

As the culture of communities change to a healthier environment, society benefits, and change begins on a greater societal level. This creates a new generation of empowered employees with a healthier understanding, now actively advocating for a transformed culture.   

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