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Federica Lacava

Director of Partnerships and Grants
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Federica's Story

Federica Lacava is an intersectional feminist and activist for the LGBTQIA+ community's rights, holding a MA in Gender and Peacebuilding and a second MA in International Relations and Political Science.


Federica has 10 years of international professional experience working with the United Nations and INGOs in development and humanitarian contexts across Africa, Latin America, and South Asia in the programmatic areas of women empowerment and gender equality, SGBV, migration, food security, and HIV/AIDS.


Her areas of expertise include program development and management, partnerships, and donor relations.


In Africa she worked on the IDPs Emergency Response in North-East Nigeria, on restorative justice for Sexual Gender-Based Violence victim-survivors in conflict-affected areas in Eastern DR Congo, and on HIV/AIDS prevention for women groups in Mozambique. In Pakistan, Brazil, and the Caribbean, she managed development projects for climate change-affected populations, increasing the resilience of rural women employed in the agriculture sector. among other things, she authored advocacy papers on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SH/SEA) and the current gaps in the UN system under the Office of the Executive Co-ordinator on sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination for UN Women. With ESD Global, she developed and launched the Africa program, establishing a presence for the organization in more than 22 countries in the first three years of operation.


Federica is also a certified ESD Global Level 1 Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor, raising awareness with her work to end all forms of gender-based violence and challenging all the power inequality structures that allow gender inequality to exist in our societies.

"An innovative path to violence prevention"

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