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Jennifer Cusentino

Director of Operations
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Jennifer's Story

Jennifer Cusentino is a Los Angeles-based producer and business consultant. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Cusentino has 20+ years of wide-ranging experience in the entertainment industry. She focused on production, talent management, development, producing, distribution - working with big named titles as "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," "The Big Fix," and others such as the award-winning film "Freedom." Cusentino started several projects and businesses which thrive today. 

In 2003, She co-founded The Eleanor Group LLC, a socially conscious business-to-business sales and marketing company that promotes the growth of health & wellness and supports a variety of national nonprofit organizations and schools.

In 2009, she joined Green Planet Productions as CFO and Executive Producer and was responsible for oversight of operations for GPP and the financial management of all production budgets. Cusentino led strategic development and execution of the company's current film production and pre/post-production plans. Hand-picked by Green Planet Productions' President and founder, Jennifer was a major key player in executing the "Green Planet" vision with entrepreneurial expertise resulting in award-winning impact.

As the Executive Director of the I'll Be The One Organization, a 501(c)3 whose mission is to educate, awaken and inspire leadership and action through media - highlighting the importance, ease of use, and economic viability of sustainable technologies. Jennifer was responsible for the operations, communication, and voting with the board, program & grant development, events, accounting, taxes, and donation procurement. 

Another noteworthy role was Editor in Chief of Living Well Publishing LLC, a publishing company dedicated to producing works focused on environmental and sustainable topics creating its first title within four months entitled, "Hot, Rich & Green -The secret formula women are using to get rich and save the planet!"

In 2010, Jennifer launched The Cusentino Company. She spotlights her talents in producing, project management, business development, and business & creative consulting ranging in industries from entertainment to education and anything in between. Currently, she is creating lasting change in the world of violence prevention while she resides in Hermosa Beach, CA

"An innovative path to violence prevention"

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