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Nikki Smith (she/her)

Manager of Communications, Marketing, and Technology

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Nikki's Story

Nikki is a savvy wordsmith and storyteller, focusing on communications, media, and marketing primarily in social reform and humanitarian-driven spaces. She currently serves as the Manager of Communications, Marketing, and Technology at PAVE Prevention, where she combines her experience to tell PAVE’s story through captivating media, marketing, and event production.

With a diverse background spanning Windows-based information technology, corporate leadership, communications, virtual and in-person event management, production, marketing, and IT service delivery, her professional journey has been rich with experiences shaping her trajectory. Nikki channels her passion for personal growth into amplifying voices, taking a personalized approach to content creation that resonates across various platforms. Known for her strengths in communication, language development, storytelling, and an inquisitive and intuitive approach, Nikki's role has evolved to include technology's practical use for events, user engagement, and productivity.

Beyond her career, Nikki is a Level 1 certified Empowerment Self-Defense instructor who focuses her attention on addressing unique generational and cultural challenges and empowering women in the rural southern United States. Her commitment extends to causes like trauma-informed care, violence prevention, DEI, and social justice, driving her mission to create positive change in her community and beyond.

"An innovative path to violence prevention"

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