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Disrupting The Dominoes: Episode 1 - PAVE Prevention CEO, Arlene Limas OLY with Dr. Pietro Marghella

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Disrupting The Dominoes: Episode 1 - How Violence Prevention Can Enhance Preparedness On All Levels, with Dr. Pietro Marghella.

For the first episode of our new podcast, Disrupting The Dominoes, PAVE Prevention CEO Arlene Limas meets with Dr. Pietro Marghella.

Together they discuss how violence prevention can enhance preparedness on all levels, the effects of violence in emergency response, and how training in violence prevention better outfits crisis response workers in the field.

A nationally recognized expert in disaster and emergency management, organizational behavior, and leadership, Dr. Marghella aims to introduce and implement violence prevention strategies in industry sectors where workplace violence has had extremely negative effects.

Dr. Marghella joins efforts with PAVE to bring violence prevention tools to several national critical infrastructure sectors, providing expert advisory services to its leadership and clients.

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