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PAVE Empowers Entrepreneurial Businesswomen Against Violence, Launches Program with US Embassy

Costa Rica, Nov 19, 2021

PAVE Prevention, Inc, in partnership with the US Embassy, launched its first pilot program empowering entrepreneurial businesswomen to address the unique challenges they face in their careers, from subtle gender discrimination to more overt sexual harassment.

Olympic Champion and CEO of PAVE Prevention, Inc Arlene Limas shares: "I'm hoping to ignite change at the corporate and institutional level. It is the right time to seek to make those changes".

This facilitator-led, interactive session allowed Costa Rican businesswomen to strengthen their intuition and awareness, face fears, manage responses, set clear boundaries, and communicate needs. Through effective strategies and exercises, women entrepreneurs learned how to de-escalate conflict and advocate for their personal safety and others, including co-workers, colleagues, and family members.

Representatives from the American Embassy kicked off the event with opening remarks welcoming facilitators and participants while presenting an overview of effective leadership in today's business environment.

The online session featured a 2-hour training, a pre-session assessment with online registration, and post-session assessments conducted at 3, 6, and 12 months by interested participants working in the fields of empowerment, leadership, business development, and personal and community safety. During 20-minute breakout sessions, participants built strength from the 'inside out' through guided discussions and exercises designed to develop awareness, acquire new approaches, and foster a more significant commitment to leading confidently. The event closed with a Q & A and thank you note followed by online self-assessments.

By bringing anti-violence tools to the corporate world, the workshop presented participants with a unique opportunity to experience 'real world' scenarios, network with other businesswomen, and gain valuable insights on strengthening their leadership skills within their businesses and communities.

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