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PAVE Pairs with Toronto Martial Artist and Strategic Planning Consultant, Heather F. Turnbull

Heather F. Turnbull, Toronto Martial Artist and former strategic planning and career development coach, is joining in partnership with PAVE Prevention to facilitate corporate level violence prevention strategies and training. Heather brings years of experience with Adult Learning principles, martial arts, and self-defense with a trauma-informed focus to the PAVE team, in an addition to their programming.

Heather states, "Collaborating with PAVE Prevention for me represents the culmination of my many years advocating (what seemed like in the wilderness) for instituting violence prevention strategies at the organizational/corporate level. It's a joy to be collaborating with other like-minded individuals at PAVE to making this change happen now."

Heather’s experience with Empowerment Self-Defense offers her a unique perspective and approach to PAVE’s programming, placing an emphasis on trauma-informed practices and offering a holistic approach to anti-violence education and personal safety skills. Heather’s current teaching model applies Adult Learning principles, high-impact coaching techniques, incorporated with assignments in the financial services, consulting, non-profit, and legal sectors. She currently facilitates group and individual programming (with an emphasis on empowerment self-defense, based on a trauma-informed model) to corporate and non-profit clients.

Collaboration with PAVE Prevention will further refine PAVE Programming to include more developed trauma-informed practices, and Heather’s experience in teaching adults in corporate, nonprofit, and individual capacities will play an important role in the application of PAVE’s violence prevention training to businesses.

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