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PAVE Prevention Hosts Inaugural Summit on the Prevention of Workplace Violence

PAVE Prevention, led by Olympian CEO Arlene Limas, is hosting the first-ever Summit on workplace violence prevention. The PAVE Summit 2022 is an exclusive, invitation-only event featuring industry leaders in hospitality, healthcare, sport, emergency management, and aviation. Through keynote speakers, panels, and breakout sessions, attendees will collaborate on strategies to implement in their sectors to prevent workplace violence with sustainable and realistic goals. The PAVE Summit 2022 begins on September 19th at the Omni Hotel in downtown Chicago.

PAVE Prevention is led by CEO, Arlene Limas, sports pioneer, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Chicago Sports Hall of Fame Alumni. Arlene brings her passion for safe sport to the workplace violence field, utilizing her gold medal approach and tenacity to expand the advocacy, education, and implementation of violence prevention on a large scale. By empowering individuals to buy into the shift to safer, more equitable, and welcoming workspaces that are trauma-informed, the occurrence of microaggressions is reduced and preventing the escalation to physically violent scenarios.

The PAVE SUMMIT 2022 is a 2.5-day event featuring top industry leaders across multiple sectors collaborating with participants to redefine workplace violence by creating solutions to mitigate its occurrence in the workplace, reducing the financial and individualized fallout that results from a culture of violence. Through leader-driven breakout sessions and keynote presentations, summit members identify the critical intersections of what causes workplace violence and then work to co-author plausible changes for mitigating the progressive and costly problem across the hardest-hit sectors represented at this Summit. After the Summit, a formally outlined PAVE Report will be produced and distributed to all participants.

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