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PAVE Prevention joins MACRO (Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland) as Training Partner

(Chicago, IL – Oakland, CA, March 2022) PAVE Prevention, INC has been chosen as a Training Partner for the pilot program of MACRO, Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland, an effort to respond with trained community responders, redirecting police and fire resources to public safety priorities, and providing more appropriate responses to 911 calls that are not an immediate safety threat. PAVE Prevention will provide additional training to response teams who are trained in crisis intervention and de-escalation, offering a skill set to keep people safe and build safer communities.

“If our programming can contribute to these community responders returning home safely after a day of serving their community, my heart will be full. This is such a gratifying project and we are grateful for the opportunity. “– Arlene Limas OLY, PAVE Prevention CEO

PAVE feels it is uniquely positioned to prepare MACRO responders with tools to safely assess and de-escalate situations. PAVE also feels that our customized assessment tools will add information and data crucial to the success of this pilot in ways that might otherwise not be thought of. PAVE has assembled a team with deep ties to community and a wealth of knowledge.

MACRO intends to offer 16 hours of service daily, seven days a week and will be responding to calls of a non-violent or non-emergent nature in the following categories: Behavioral Health Issues, Individual Well Being, and Community Disturbance. By offering trained community responders, MACRO aims to decrease negative outcomes from law enforcement responses to nonviolent 911 calls, especially among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), ultimately increasing communication and connection to community-based services among the BIPOC community. Additionally, Oakland Police and Fire Department’s expenses and call volume related to nonviolent 911 calls involving mental health, substance use, and unsheltered populations will be reduced, and calls redirected to an alternative community response system.

About PAVE Prevention, Inc: PAVE Prevention is a Social Enterprise dedicated to creating safer, more productive workplaces and communities around the world. Established in 2021 in the United States of America, its mission is to provide training and consulting services to individuals and organizations - and the communities in which they operate - on proactively preventing, responding and healing from violent events. Pave Prevention’s founders (Yudit Sidikman, Arlene Limas, and Luis Jimenez) have long recognized that when individuals are equipped with the skills and knowledge to set healthy boundaries, communicate assertively, and manage conflict, companies as well as communities benefit monetarily and culturally. Especially as the world rebounds from the COVID pandemic, business leaders will increasingly be called upon to ensure safe workplaces for all their employees, especially women, as a means of competitive advantage for talent.

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