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PAVE Prevention Partners with Alameda County Library for Groundbreaking Training Program

PAVE Prevention Partners with Alameda County Library for Groundbreaking Safety and De-escalation Training Program

[Alameda, CA, November 2023] — In response to the increasing need for effective workplace safety and de-escalation strategies, PAVE Prevention proudly announces its partnership with Alameda County Library (AC Library) to implement a comprehensive safety and de-escalation training program. With the uprise of income inequality, unhoused populations, and mental health crises, libraries are filling in the gaps in the social safety net. The initiative aims to address library staff’s needs for training that reflects real-life scenarios they face today.

PAVE Prevention has been working collaboratively with library administration to tailor a trauma-informed training program specifically designed for the unique challenges faced by library employees. The training will provide staff with the skills to de-escalate situations, identify personal boundaries, and navigate various real-life scenarios with empathy, cultural competency, and emotional intelligence.

Arlene Limas OLY, CEO of PAVE Prevention, shares, “From day one, AC Library leadership has made it clear they are committed to the well-being and safety of their employees and their members. They also embrace their unique position within the communities they serve. PAVE is excited to embark on this important partnership with AC Library that will support a healthy, safe, and resilient workforce; these skills will continue to serve the community in an impactful and hopeful way.”

The decision to partner with PAVE Prevention stems from its trauma-informed approach, which has been instrumental in enhancing the safety and resilience of frontline responders. Its proven success as the primary training partner for the Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland (MACRO) Responder Academy and Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development, CA, has earned high praise and endorsements from community leaders.

Libraries have evolved into essential community centers, filling in the gaps in the social safety net. They provide free vital services that range from shelter, computer access, food distribution, and COVID-19 testing. As the role of libraries has expanded, aggressive encounters have increased, making safety and de-escalation training imperative for staff.

"In partnership with PAVE Prevention, we're paving the way to a library that prioritizes safety, inclusion, and empathy. Together, we'll grow our knowledge and skills to transform our spaces into a haven for the community and a supportive environment for our dedicated library team to live out our vision of Kind, Connected Humans," said Deb Sica, Deputy County Librarian.

The comprehensive training program, to be rolled out starting in early 2024, will cover areas such as empathy and emotional intelligence, role-playing, tabletop scenarios, and the examination of past incidents. Approximately 250 AC Library employees will undergo this training over the course of a year, ensuring sustained knowledge of trauma-informed, gender-inclusive, cultural, and race-sensitive safety practices. The program aligns with AC Library's vision of "Kind, Connected Humans" and emphasizes the full inclusion of the entire community in public service and public spaces.

By investing in PAVE Prevention's training, AC Library demonstrates its commitment to supporting a safe and secure environment for library staff, members, and the community at large. The program's focus on de-escalation techniques, interpersonal skills, and self-care is poised to make a significant impact, not only within AC Library but as a model for libraries facing similar challenges nationwide.

About PAVE Prevention:

PAVE Prevention is a leading organization dedicated to providing trauma-informed violence prevention training. With a focus on empowering individuals and communities, PAVE Prevention has a proven track record of delivering impactful training programs that address the complexities of violence in various settings.

About Alameda County Library:

Alameda County Library provides library services from ten libraries in the cities of Albany, Dublin, Fremont, Newark, and Union City and the unincorporated communities of Castro Valley and the Eden Area, including San Lorenzo and Cherryland. Alameda County Library also provides additional services through our Equitable Libraries Division via Youth and Family Services, Mobile and Outreach Services, Education and Literacy Services, and Social Justice Services. Our team is dedicated to providing a space for Library Members to express and embrace our values of Authenticity, Integrity, Creativity, Curiosity, and Empathy.

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