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PAVE teams with Violence Prevention Expert Juli Brown to Create Systemic Change Against Violence

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Violence prevention expert Juli Brown, LCSW collaborates with PAVE Prevention, Inc, in a combined effort to create systemic change against gender-based violence. Juli brings a trauma-informed approach and years of experience working with domestic violence and sexual assault survivors to her work.

Juli is excited to be part of PAVE Prevention’s journey, bringing violence prevention tools to the corporate world and impacting more lives through anti-violence workshops. "I’ve been really excited to work with the staff at PAVE to help support a vision for providing people the tools they need to reduce violence in their workplaces, families, and communities!" she shares.

A licensed clinical social worker with an extensive background working with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, Juli believes that principles of ESD can help develop personal safety. Juli started working with PAVE Prevention in 2021 to develop a Trauma-Informed Protocol to help guide work with training participants. This protocol helps to ensure a safe and empowering space for PAVE participants to learn and develop new violence prevention skills.

Juli has been teaching self-defense since 2009 and has been dedicated to women’s empowerment for more than 20 years. She began taking martial arts classes in 2006 and has a 4th degree Black Belt in karate and has trained and taught classes in Krav Maga. Juli became a Certified Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor in 2016. She is currently working with a sexual assault crisis program to provide legal and medical advocacy to survivors of sexual assault.

Juli is committed to furthering PAVE’s vision of a peaceful world through proactive anti-violence education using her experience as a counselor, advocate, and program coordinator. “I’m excited to collaborate with PAVE Prevention in their work to bring empowerment and violence prevention to companies and communities worldwide,” shares Juli.

About PAVE Prevention, Inc: PAVE Prevention is a Social Enterprise dedicated to creating safer, more productive workplaces and communities around the world. Established in 2021 in the United States of America, its mission is to provide training and consulting services to individuals and organizations - and the communities in which they operate - on proactively preventing, responding and healing from violent events. Pave Prevention’s founders (Yudit Sidikman, Arlene Limas, and Luis Jimenez) have long recognized that when individuals are equipped with the skills and knowledge to set healthy boundaries, communicate assertively, and manage conflict, companies as well as communities benefit monetarily and culturally. Especially as the world rebounds from the COVID pandemic, business leaders will increasingly be called upon to ensure safe workplaces for all their employees, especially women, as a means of competitive advantage for talent.

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