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What is the PAVE Trainer Webinar Series?

PAVE stands for Proactive Anti-Violence Education, and we teach people how to proactively disrupt the dominoes of violence in organizations and communities everywhere.  We provide in-house training in a variety of formats for businesses, groups, and organizations that teach fundamental human safety skills such as trauma-informed care, effective communication rooted in compassion and empathy, physical safety skills, de-escalation, and more. Joining one of our Webinars is the first step to joining our Trainer Team.

PAVE is growing, and we need committed professionals like yourself willing to explore opportunities to: 

  • Become a certified PAVE Trainer © and get paid for what you love

  • Learn core components of PAVE’s workplace violence prevention training programs and certification process

  • Expand your learning and development skill and create impactful changes at organizational levels

  • Navigate your biases and become part of the cultural change needed around violence prevention and healing

  • Create safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces

  • Grow your network and work with unique professionals from a variety of sectors

Currently we are offering the option of 2 webinars:

Please choose the session that works best for your schedule. The sessions follow identical formats, only one session is required. If the two options offered are outside of your availability, we invite you to reach out to our CEO Arlene Limas to set up an exploratory conversation.

Option 1

April 21st from 2 – 3 pm CST

Option 2

April 25th from 12 – 1pm CST

Meet Your Facilitators:

Why Should I Become a PAVE Trainer?

  • Facilitation and creating impactful change at an individual AND at an institutional/organizational level

  • Social justice work and reducing workplace aggression

  • Violence prevention in the workplace and beyond

  • Creating welcoming and inclusive workplaces

  • Learning new approaches and content to shift culture

  • Creating workplaces where everyone is welcomed, valued, respected and heard?


PAVE is dedicated to creating lasting change on a large scale, starting by empowering the individual. Your participation as a PAVE Trainer will be essential to not only our growth, but our ability to reach more people more efficiently. We value your unique perspective, experience, and knowledge, and believe that a diverse and inclusive Training Team* provides significant value to participants.

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